The Majestic 12 opens in Chattanooga, TN

Latest Update:  Ovation Room manager is Justin Wright.

Majestic 12 Complex Manager is William Aven.

Contact the manager and arrange for flowers or engagement rings to be delivered by the server. Will she ever be thrilled?  You’ll be the topic of conversation the next day!

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Tabs are closed 30 minutes before the show ends so you can scoot out of there.

When you purchase Ovation Club VIP Auditorium tickets, you can park all day in the adjacent parking garage.

Update: I get so many people coming here for information about the Ovation Room, I thought I better post some of the info you may be looking for.

The Ovation Room at Carmike Majestic 12 is at 311 Broad St.  Click here for a map.  Or call them at 826-2370.

The tickets for Ovation Room movies: $12.50 (before 4 PM), $10.00 (matinee between 4 and 6), $15 (evening show). The Ovation Room is 21 and older only.

Sample menu price range: $4.95 (brownie black bottom pie)-$8.95 (Ovation Club sandwich).  They also serve beer and wine.  They accept cash and major credit cards.

Some of the menu items are Southwest chicken egg rolls, crab cakes, Ovation Club sandwich, Ovation Club’s Reuben, and fruit and cheese tray. Of course there’s the complimentary popcorn that is included with your ticket purchase and you can get your favorite movie candies too.

Wines are Ravenswood VB Zinfandel, Rodney Strong Sonoma Cabernet, Pighin Pinot Grigio, and Frei Brothers Sonoma Chardonnay priced at $5.95 to $7.95 per glass.  There is also domestic and imported beer and Greyfriar’s wonderful coffee.

Capacity is 52 guests.

Good idea to arrive 15 minutes early and order if you want a larger meal.


The Grand Opening Event

Last Thursday we went to a VIP fund raising event at the only LEED certified freestanding theater in the USA.  The majestic is a fabulous addition to the entertainment world of Chattanooga.  The VIP event was a sellout.  More than 2500 people came.  It was readily clear that the lobby and halls were not made for that size of a crowd.  There was no room to stand, what more get to the food and drinks, which quickly ran dry.  I saw a lot of old friends and the mood was generally a happy one.  Everyone got to go to the movie of their choice.  All in all it was fun, and I was glad that the ticket money went to some very worthwhile charities.

The Majestic 12 houses 11 screens with comfortable stadium rocker seating and drink holders, five more screens than the former Bijou (now closed). The twelfth screen is the real crown jewel. It is called the Ovation Club. The Ovation Club has fifty-six seats for 21 and older viewers. Seated in fine leather ultra deluxe chairs that recline at the touch of a button, you will be served fresh made food before and during the movie. All you have to do is press a button on the chair to summon a server.  The prices seem reasonable.

The new Majestic 12 designed by Artech, in Chattanooga

The new Majestic 12 designed by Artech, in Chattanooga

The staff in the kitchen can see which chair is beckoning, and come right over to see what they can do for you. The beverages served include beer, wine, soft drinks and locally roasted coffee. I spoke with the assistant restaurant manager, Tim Burns, who said that every effort is made to use locally grown fresh foods.

A lot of effort went into making the theater as energy efficient as possible. There is a 10,000 gallon holding tank on the roof that collects rainwater which is used to flush the toilets in the building. Many of the lights are LED, which are very energy efficient. The lights in the lobby are on sensors, so that they are dimmed during the daylight hours. There are also solar panels on the roof to reduce the amount of electricity pulled from the grid.

I am looking forward to going to a movie there, when the crowds are not so numerous.  I think I’ll opt for the matinees at the Ovation.  We’ll make a fun time of it and probably eat lunch there, watching a favorite movie.

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  • admin

    I don’t know if advanced tickets can be purchased. You might contact the manager.
    The best place to see what’s playing is in the paper. They don’t show the current movie in this room very well at the theater or on line. I hope they improve.
    It is a really neat theater though. Let me know how you like it.
    Best, Randall

  • Beth Hunter

    Can advance tickets be purchased for this room? Can we see which movie will be playing on a certain date?

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